Exterior Cleaning

     Routine and frequent Exterior Cleaning is the cornerstone of keeping your car looking showroom-fresh, and is the first step for all of Car Clean Hawaii’s more intensive detailing packages; including Ceramic Coating. Improper washing technique is the #1 cause of swirls and marring on vehicle paint, which is why it’s important to have the same detailing experts that made your vehicle perfect through Paintwork Correction, help you to keep it perfect afterwards. We offer scheduled maintenance washing sessions to our loyal customers, to keep their cars, trucks, and motorcycles as the flawless as the day they left our hands.

Car Clean Hawaii’s Exterior Cleaning service has been developed carefully over the years to help prevent marring, using ‘Snow Foaming’, hand washing using specialized imported shampoos and careful dirt-management protocols, followed by drying using a mix of touchless methods and the softest, high-quality microfiber towels we could find. Our washing protocols are safe enough even for super-delicate Matte Paints, and Paint Protection Films/Vinyl Wraps.

Our careful attention carries on to the wheel wells, where we lavish the same care as we do on on the paintwork, with specialized cleaners, powerful cleaning tools outside the realm of most vehicle owners, and painstaking attention to detail to make sure that your vehicle returns to you truly ‘Showroom Fresh’.

Lastly, we direct our attention at your wheels and tires. Brake Dust is highly corrosive, which is why it’s important to have your expensive rims regularly decontaminated by professionals, who know what tools and chemicals to use. Many car wash establishments use chemicals that are highly damaging to chrome, anodizing, polished aluminum, and magnesium wheels. Car Clean Hawaii uses the gentlest, but most effective solutions to clean your expensive wheels, which do not harm even the most delicate of wheel materials.

We also pay close attention to your tires. Tires get absolutely filthy in daily use, and require intensive cleaning, but at the same time require gentle care to prevent damaging the rubber compound which keeps your vehicle safely adhered to the road. We remove the browning, mud, and road slime from your tires, and finish the Exterior Process by dressing them with a protectant that makes them look ‘Showroom Fresh’, and helps to prevent sidewall degradation.

Car Clean Hawaii offers Exterior Cleaning Services starting at ~$60.00 Per Wash! We also offer maintenance plans for our most loyal customers. Please feel free to Contact Us, to schedule your Exterior Cleaning.

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