Interior Cleaning

     Car Clean Hawaii offers intensive Interior Cleaning Services, to help restore and decontaminate Car & Truck Interiors. Our advanced, professional methods remove dirt and grime, sterilize, and help to return your car or truck to it’s pristine, ‘Showroom Fresh’ interior condition. We offer multiple levels of Interior Detailing, and always aim to bring you the best service possible for your budget. We can improve even the worst interiors…

We’ll Turn This…

Into This!

We’ll Turn This…

Into This!

At CCH, we offer Basic, Complete, Restorative, Shampooing, and Steam Cleaning levels of Interior Detailing Services.

  • Basic Cleaning Includes:

    • Interior Vacuuming & Dusting of all Carpet, Plastic, & Vinyl/Leather Surfaces
    • Interior Glass Cleaning

    Price: ~$60.00 Per Vehicle


  • Complete Cleaning Includes:

    • Above Services
    • + Safe Surfactant Cleaning of Plastic, Vinyl, & Leather
    • + Dressing/Protection of Plastic, Vinyl, & Leather

    Price: ~$120.00 Per Vehicle


  • Restorative Interior Detailing:

    • Above Services
    • + Disassembly of Interior
    • + Deep Cleaning
    • + Interior Reassembly

    Price: ~$60.00 Per Hour


  • Interior Shampooing Service:

    • Intensive Interior Shampooing to Remove Extreme Dirt & Stains

    Price: ~$60.00 Per Hour


  • Interior Steam Cleaning Service:

    • Intensive Steam Sterilization to Clean &  Decontaminate Interior

    Price: ~$60.00 Per Hour

Feel free to Contact Us, to book your Interior Cleaning Detail!

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