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Welcome to Car Clean Hawaii! We have been a premier automotive/motorcycle detailing, and paint repair provider, operating out of Hilo, Hawaii for coming up on 20-years. Our services are vast, but we specialize in advanced Nano-Ceramic Coating application, Polishing & Wetsanding, Interior Stain & Mold Removal, Stone Chip Repair, Headlamp Restoration, Engine Bay Detailing, and more.

With circa two-decades of experience in the field of detailing Cars, Trucks, and Bikes in Hawaii, we’ve had time to perfect the science of restorative detailing, and protection for vehicles located in the islands. The environment of the Hawaiian islands is singular in the world, and the methods of fixing the damage from, and protecting against the harsh climate here are equally unique. What you need as a vehicle owner is specialist expertise, and this is what we can offer. We have the skills to solve your problems, and know the solutions to help preserve your vehicle for years to come. 

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