Additional Services

Engine Bay Detailing

Nothing screams ‘Detailed’ like a seriously minty engine bay. Having your car detailed without cleaning the engine compartment is kind of like showering before a date, but forgetting to brush the greenery out of your teeth. You’re good… Until you smile… The same thing applies for your car, truck, or SUV. As soon as you pop that hood, your beautiful high-performance engine will either seal the deal, or be seriously gross depending on whether or not you give it the detail it deserves. Furthermore, your mechanic – just like your dental hygienist – will thank you if you make their work environment just a little bit nicer before you show up for a checkup, and might even do a better job on your next maintenance or tuning session. It also is a major component in impressing the new buyer or dealer when reselling a vehicle.

50/50 – Half Clean/Half Dirty
Job Done!

How does Car Clean Hawaii help with this? Our Engine Bay Detailing Service is pretty hardcore… We use a mixture of high and low tech solutions, with pressure washing, high-pressure steam, specialized intensive cleaners designed to be safe around sensitive engine bay materials and electronics, and old fashioned hard work with brushes tiny to large to get your motor back to factory-fresh condition. We follow it up with high-temp rated protectants, to give it some bling, and make the plastics look fresh.

This service starts at ~$120.00 USD.

Headlight Restoration

Over time, the polycarbonate covers on headlamps yellow and oxidize, reducing night-time visibility, generally serve as a sign to even non-car-people, that a vehicle is in bad shape. Fortunately, this problem can be affordably corrected with our Headlight Restoration service.

Headlight Before
Headlight After

We can restore your headlamps’ Optical Clarity so you can drive safely at night again, and make your vehicle look brand-new with the same innovation and skill that Car Clean Hawaii brings to all its detailing services. After an intensive session of wetsanding and polishing by our corrective experts, the headlights are sealed again with a Nanotechnology Ceramic Coating, to help protect them from future environmental degradation.

Headlight Restoration starts at: ~$60.00 USD.

Glass Water Spot Removal

The Hawaiian Islands are notorious for their rainstorms that leave behind deep water etching on vehicle glass. Because of this, we’ve really mastered our Glass Polishing game, and can help you reverse these damaging effects with our Glass Water Spotting Removal Service. Polishing glass to help you regain perfect optical clarity in your windscreen and side/back windows requires true expertise to handle the powerful equipment needed to correct these deep defects in the glass, and many inferior services can even damage your sensitive safety glass to the point of needing an expensive Windscreen/Side Window Replacement. This is why you need to trust this sort of work to glass polishing veterans, like Car Clean Hawaii.

Our Glass Polishing service starts at: ~$120.00 USD.

Effect of Acid Rain on Glass

If you are interested in these services, please feel free to Contact Us, or Book Online, to schedule your detail today!