VIP Maintenance

Car Clean Hawaii offers a luxury VIP Maintenance Service for our clients who have already purchased one of our Gloss Enhancement, or Ceramic Coating detailing packages for their vehicle.

This service entails a full multi-stage exterior wash, wheel and tyre cleaning with specialty cleaners, a vacuuming and light detailing of the interior, glass cleaning, redressing of the exterior/interior trim, dressing the tyres, and finally the application of a subtle spray sealant to maintain the car’s protection and immaculate gloss. Choosing our VIP Maintenance Service will help to keep your car, truck, or motorcycle in freshly-detailed condition for the months or even years following your Gloss Enhancement or Ceramic Coating detail, as only professional detailers can.

VIP maintenance washes/interior details are available for $120, to our existing Gloss Enhancement and Ceramic Coating customers only. We typically advise a maintenance duration of once every one to three months, or as often as the vehicle owner feels necessary depending upon their usage. Prepaid maintenance plans can be arranged, and scheduled in advance.

If you are an existing Car Clean Hawaii customer, interested in this service, please feel free to Contact Us for more details. We will be happy to answer any questions.