Paintwork Correction

What Is Paintwork Correction?

Paintwork Correction is the process of taking imperfect paint, and making it as perfect as the material allows… It’s the act of fixing scratches, swirls, holograms, marring, oxidation, and haze using a mixture of machines, polishes, good old fashioned hand labor, and sometimes even wetsanding to get it into a condition that’s typically far better than new. Our Nano Coating packages provide the protection, but it’s the Paintwork Correction stage where we truly make your car, truck, or motorcycle look perfect. It’s the skill that sets mediocre detailers, apart from great ones, and the vast experience needed to do so safely demands that you choose wisely only true experts to work on your vehicle. Executive Detailer and Owner, FC Rillon’s experience and skill as a craftsman in this field is part of what sets Car Clean Hawaii apart from the crowd on the islands. This is why we can deliver unparalleled results, to clients with high-end exotic vehicles, who expect nothing less than excellence. It’s why we are trusted by the industry’s most prestigious companies to use their products, and our skill and experience shines through on every detail that we do.

Stages of Excellence

We provide multiple tiers of paintwork correction to meet the needs of all vehicles, and all customers:

Stage 1 – Gloss Enhancement

Our Gloss Enhancement correction process is provided as default in our basic Gloss Enhancement Detail, and also in our Stage 1 Ceramic Coating Packages. This is our most economical paintwork correction service, for customers looking for a quick turnaround to boost the appearance of their vehicle, without opting for a more intensive multi-stage correction. It will enhance the gloss and depth of the paint through the machine application of a nano-ceramic fortified polish, which removes light swirls, marring, and oxidation, in addition to helping the subsequent protective sealant/coating to bond to the vehicle for maximum durability. However, moderate to deep swirls or scratches will still remain after the Stage 1 – Gloss Enhancement treatment, as these need more intensive correction. As such, we advise our most particular customers seeking true perfection to upgrade to one of our higher level correction services. To view pricing, look at our Gloss Enhancement and Ceramic Coating pages.

Stage 2 – 70-80% Correction

Standard in our Stage 2 Ceramic Coating Package, or available as an ad-on service for other details, our 70-80% Correction service uses a 1-2 step machine polishing process to remove the moderate-depth defects (Including medium-deep swirls, light scratches, holograms/marring from bad detailing, and oxidation.) that are present on most vehicles. This is our most popular paintwork correction service, and is a huge step towards improving the appearance of your vehicle, with the majority of visible defects being gone after this stage. For a quote on Stage 2 – 70-80% Correction, please Contact Us, to book a checkup for your car, truck, or bike.

Stage 3 – 90%+ Correction

Stage 3 Correction is as close to perfection as is reasonably achievable on most vehicles. It involves a 2-3 stage machine polishing process, that leaves behind only the deepest random scratches if present (Those which would not be safe to remove on OEM vehicle paint.). On vehicles lacking deep scratches, defect removal could conceivably reach 100%. This service comes standard on our Stage 3 and Stage 4 Ceramic Coating Packages, and is an ad-on for all our detailing packages. It is for vehicle owners who strive for nothing short of perfection, within safe limits, and know the value of the craftsmanship required to achieve it. For a quote on Stage 3 – 90% + Correction, please Contact Us, to book a checkup for your vehicle.

Only The Best Tools

Excellence begins with skill, but ends with using the right, and the best tools for the job… At Car Clean Hawaii, we proudly import the best machines and polishes from Italy and Germany into the Islands at great expense to work with, because nothing less will create the results we believe our customers deserve and should expect. When you invest in a premium detail, you need to know you’re getting what you’re paying for, and that nothing but the best has touched your car. Here’s what we use…

To most, Italy is known for art, culture, food, and fine exotic cars… To detailers, it is known for making the best polishing machines in the world. Rupes are the Ferrari of polishers, and help us to work faster, longer, and achieve better results that our customers can enjoy. We are a proud user of Rupes machines, and our clients appreciate the faster results, and superior finishes they help us to achieve for them.

We are a proud user of Scholl Concepts polishing supplies, from Germany. Their polish technology lets us create a deeper, richer gloss, and correct defects more efficiently for our customers than the traditional products used by most detailers. Scholl Concepts is the OEM supplier of polishes for Europe’s most select, exclusive auto-makers, and the results keep blowing us, and our customers away.

Examples Of Our Work

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