Interior Stain & Mold Removal

At Car Clean Hawaii, we offer a very popular Interior Stain & Mold Removal service. This complete interior restoration attends to the ugly stains, and bad odors/smells that unfortunately are part of the lifecycle of most cars and trucks. As they say, “Life Happens”. Fortunately, we know how to deal with it.

This service begins by isolating the stains in the carpeting and upholstery, identifying their composition, and using a variety of tools and chemicals to remove them. It is followed by a full shampooing/hot water extraction of the carpeting and upholstery to remove the dirt and residues. Lastly, we finish off with an intensive cleaning and protection of the vinyl, plastic, and rubber interior surfaces, using a mixture of specialty cleaners, and steam to kill bacteria/germs on hard and soft surfaces.

Vehicles with leather interiors are treated specially at Car Clean Hawaii. We use the gentlest of chemicals, and specialist protectants to preserve the delicate material.

If you have mold or bad odors, we use a mixture of steam, ozone generators, and specialty products to reach the places that normal people cannot reach, to kill bacteria or mold that are causing bad smells in your vehicle. Including those that are hiding in the HVAC system.

Our complete Stain Removal service, includes the full interior detailing, and focuses on the removal of stains in carpeting or cloth upholstery. We’ve seen it all, and have come up with some innovative solutions to interior stains. This service is available for $380.

For more serious jobs, that include Mold Removal, we offer a package for $500. This includes all the above services from the Stain Removal package, and takes it to the next level to remove odors from invisible locations.

To book Stain Removal or Mold Removal for your vehicle, please feel free to Contact Us, or if you have any more questions about our services. These services can also be Booked Online.