Gloss Enhancement

Car Clean Hawaii’s entry-level ‘Gloss Enhancement Packages’ are the fastest, most economical way to transform your vehicle from ‘Zero to Hero’ that we offer.

Starting at just $380, Car Clean Hawaii’s Gloss Enhancement Details are the perfect entry to the world of professional detailing. These comprehensive packages see to the cleanliness and enhancement of all aspects of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, at an affordable rate. This is a good tier to look at for those who are interested in new car prep, getting your vehicle detailed for resale, or are just looking for a quick spruce-up on a budget. Whatever your needs for your car, truck, or motorcycle, these packages deliver, and they deliver in style.

What do these packages entail, do you ask? Well, we started by taking our wildly popular, comprehensive Stage 1 Ceramic Coating detail, with its multi-stage wash, wheel cleaning with specialty cleaners, multi-stage paintwork decontamination, gloss enhancing polish, glass cleaning, and full interior detail. However, in lieu of the expensive but durable thick-film ceramic coatings, we chose premium Nanotechnology Siloxane sealants for both paint and trim. Our choices of sealants still gives you up to 3-months of protection depending upon vehicle usage and maintenance, but lets us pass on significant price savings to customers who do not have the budget for a full Ceramic Nano Coating.

We offer three tiers of ‘Gloss Enhancement Packages’, depending upon the condition of the vehicle and needs of the customer:

Gloss Enhancement Package – $380. Our entry-level detailing package. Contains the comprehensive detailing steps outlined above. We recommend this package for brand new vehicles, fresh from the dealership, and those less than 3-years old in good condition.

Gloss Enhancement Plus Package – $415. This package adds Stage 1 Paintwork Correction, to help remove light swirls, marring, and oxidation. We recommend this package for vehicles between 3-5 years of age, or newer ones which demonstrate light paintwork damage from improper washing.

Gloss Enhancement Plus Correction Package – $520-800 depending upon vehicle condition. This package adds Stage 2 Paintwork Correction, delivering up to 70-80% correction of visible swirls, scratches, and heavy oxidation. We typically advise this package for customers with vehicles over 5-years of age, or where extensive marring is present due to mishandling.

Please feel free to Contact Us to book your detail, or if you have any questions about our service. Our Gloss Enhancement details can also be Booked Online.