Gloss Enhancement


     Car Clean Hawaii’s ‘Gloss Enhancement Package’, is the fastest, and most affordable way to get your vehicle from ‘Zero to Hero’ we offer… Every premier company needs to offer a gateway drug, so everyone can enjoy, and be able to experience the finer things in life. It’s why Apple has the iPhone SE… It’s why Porsche has the Boxster and Cayman… At Car Clean Hawaii, we have our ‘Gloss Enhancement Package’. Starting at ~$380.00 USD, we can give you a taste of perfection.

Our Gloss Enhancement Package is ideal for economy-minded car, truck, SUV, and motorcycle enthusiasts; as well as people looking for the maximum cost-to-money-back return when flipping, and reselling a vehicle. This is also ideal for new car owners on a budget, who want to repair some of the factory damage, and get a bit of protection on their car with the help of a skilled detailing service.

Our Gloss Enhancement package starts with a full Exterior Cleaning, followed by a Basic Interior Cleaning, and a Decon Session to remove Traffic Film, Road Grime, and Fallout; getting your vehicle back to the same ‘blank slate’ our premier detailing packages start at. This process includes the cleaning of wheels, tires, and exterior trim.

Afterwards, we use an advanced Nanotechnology Resin Polish, to remove light oxidation and correct/hide minor swirling marks; glossifying the paint, and restoring some of its newness. This can remove up to 30% of defects on older vehicles, and up to 90% on ‘Dealer Fresh’ ones (In truth, all ‘Factory Delivered’ vehicles have at least some level of defects from the manufacturing process, and need detailing/protection on delivery. Some companies are better at quality control than others, but there isn’t a vehicle delivered today that is in truly perfect shape, unless it has been detailed by craftsmen like Car Clean Hawaii.).

Finally, we apply a specialized Nanotechnology Siloxane Sealant that can provide up to 6-months of protection in our testing on the Islands. Our finishing touch is dressing the interior and exterior plastics, vinyl, and rubber/tires with UV protectants to help keep them minty and fresh for the months to come.

If you are interested in our Gloss Enhancement detailing package, please feel free to Contact Us! We’d love to welcome you to the Car Clean Hawaii detailing family, and show you what high-end detailing is all about.

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