Ceramic Coating

     Car and motorcycle owners in Hawaii know how tough this climate is on their vehicles. The heat, the sun, the rainstorms, the salt air, the road conditions, and the need for vehicle covers ravages paintwork, delicate alloy wheels, and even automotive glass! Conventional waxes and sealants just don’t cut it here to protect vehicles in Hawaii, lasting in our experience a fraction of the time as they would in other parts of the world, due to our unique environment. The old technology offers minimal protection from the sorts of osmotic blistering, hard water spotting, corrosion, and wear & tear that plagues cars on the islands. There used to be nothing that we could do about it, but fortunately technology has moved on, and with it our ability to protect the investments we make in our cars and bikes here in Hawaii.


Nanotechnology coatings can be found on everything from advanced optics, to smart phones, to racing yacht hulls, and more. However, it’s the way they’ve revolutionized the field of car and motorcycle care, that we’re interested in the most. Nanoscale ceramics, SiO2, Titanium oxides, and insanely durable Siloxane resins have made this a new era of what’s possible with protecting vehicles. Coatings made from such advanced ingredients require exacting application, but reward with chemical resistance, corrosion and etching resistance, UVA/UVB resistance, hardness, film thickness, hydrophobicity, and optical clarity that the organic waxes, and primitive polymers we were playing with years ago simply weren’t capable of. If you’re a detailer, technology has brought with it an exciting time.

Car Clean Hawaii have been early adopters of this technology, and watched it grow over the past decade. We saw where this tech was going, and made investments into training and equipment to make sure we could apply it better than less experienced detailers in our area. We perform long-term testing of our own to choose the best products, from the best companies on the market that perform best in Hawaii, and continually strive to keep on the cutting edge of Ceramic Coating technology. This is why we are utterly confident in stating that the coatings we offer, are the best currently available.


As detailers, we stake our name on the products that last… For this reason, we’ve almost entirely moved away from classical waxes and sealants, and embrace the technology that’s finally fit for purpose on these islands. We like knowing we’re providing our customers with products that offer superior longevity for their vehicles, better protection from the elements, longer service intervals before they need re-protected and polished, easier washing, and the off-the-wall gloss and reflectivity that is the unique hallmark of ceramic coating.


FC Rillon – Owner and Executive Detailer of Car Clean Hawaii

Certified Professionals


     Car Clean Hawaii holds multiple certifications from some of the industry’s most prestigious ceramic coating manufacturers, granting us access to the most advanced nanotechnology coating systems on the market today.


CQuartz Finest Certification

CCH is certified by CarPro to apply all CQuartz exclusive coatings; including CQuartz Professional, and CQuartz Finest Reserve.

CS-II Certification

CCH is certified to apply all CS-II exclusive coatings, including CS-II Titanium.



CarPro CQuartz UK Ceramic Coating Package

This is our entry-level Stage 1 Ceramic Coating Package, featuring CarPro’s famous CQuartz UK coating system. CQuartz UK offers a staggering 70% volume of pure SiO2 (The ceramic ingredient in nano coatings, which lets them develop a hard, thick ‘glass’ film that protects the the vehicle.); far in excess of its competitors. If you’re on a budget, we don’t believe that there is a better entry-level ceramic coating for the Hawaiian climate.

Still featuring up to 1-Year or more of durability in the real world, CarPro CQuartz UK offers outstanding value. Due to the exacting standards of preparation and curing we apply to all our ceramic coating packages, our Stage 1 CQuartz UK Coating Package still manages to deliver the things you expect from a premium Nanotechnology Coating… Phenomenal resistance to chemicals, UV, and pollution; ease of cleaning, resistance to light wash marring, deep, reflective gloss, and incredible water beading.

CQuarts UK coating packages start at ~$800.00 USD for cars, and ~$1200.00 USD for large SUV’s and Trucks. Paintwork Correction starts as standard with ‘Gloss Enhancement’ in this package. See what that means: Paintwork Correction.

CarPro CQuartz Professional Coating Package

CarPro’s CQuartz Professional resides at the core of our Stage 2 coating system. CQuartz Professional takes everything amazing about CQuartz Classic, and brings it to the next level. More protection, more gloss, more durability. Furthermore, our Stage 2 CQuartz Professional packages come equipped with an inclusive 2-Year CarPro Manufacturer’s Warranty. As long as Car Clean Hawaii is responsible for the routine maintenance of this vehicle after coating application, CarPro Ltd. and Car Clean Hawaii guarantee the ceramic coating’s longevity for 2-Years barring accident.

Prepped, applied, and cured within the highest possible quality standards, CQuartz Pro is an ideal starting point for vehicle owners who want to truly ‘invest’ in the protection of their pride and joy with a certified coating package.

CarPro CQuartz Professional coating packages start at ~$1500.00 USD. Paintwork Correction starts as standard at 70-80% with this package. See what that means:  Paintwork Correction.

CarPro CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating Package

Next in line is our Stage 3 Ceramic Coating Package, featuring CarPro’s exclusive CQuartz Finest Reserve coating. After significant testing, we agree with CarPro that this is the single best 1-Component coating on the market. This Stage 3 CQuartz Finest Reserve package comes with an inclusive 3-Year CarPro Manufacturer’s Warranty. As long as Car Clean Hawaii is responsible for the maintenance, CarPro Ltd. and Car Clean Hawaii can guarantee the performance of the coating, barring incident.

Compared with our Stage 2 coating package, CQuartz Finest Reserve is based on an entirely new ‘Hybrid’ ceramic coating technology. This offers even greater durability, an even deeper, richer gloss, better chemical and water spot etching resistance, and even easier cleaning characteristics over the duration of the coating. All nano-coatings are amazing, but this feels like future-tech.

CarPro CQuartz Finest Reserve packages start at ~$1800.00 USD. Paintwork correction starts as standard at 90% with this package. See what that means:  Paintwork Correction.

CS-II Titanium Ceramic Coating Package

CS-II’s Titanium Coating is our top of the line protection option, in our Stage 4 Ceramic Coating Package. This 2-Component coating is the Premier in our lineup, offering up to 10-years of durability, and the best finish possible for client’s demanding nothing short of the ultimate protection for their vehicles.

By splitting the functions of the protective layer into two unique parts, CS-II Titanium can achieve even greater levels of performance than our best single-stage coatings. This takes gloss, chemical/water etching resistance, water beading and sheeting, ease of cleaning, longevity, and more to a whole new level. When paired with our exacting preparation of the vehicle, and coating curing process, CS-II Titanium can continue delivering that ‘WOW!’ effect every time you look at your vehicle under the Hawaiian sun, year after year.

CSI-II Titanium coating packages start at ~$2500.00 USD. Paintwork Correction starts as standard at 90% with this package. See what that means:  Paintwork Correction.

Ceramic Wheel Coating Package

Protect your expensive wheels with a Ceramic Wheel Coating. Let’s face it: wheels live a hard life… Constantly showered by a rain of hot brake dust that burns its way into the finish and starts to corrode, causing pockmarking. Coming into direct contact with – and sometimes partially submerged in – the worst of what the road has to offer. A new set of wheels looks incredible, but if you want them to stay looking that way for long, you need to protect them. 

For this application, we use CarPro CQuartz DLUX, which is a thick-film ceramic nano-coating that excels at protecting anodized, chrome, clear coated, and powder coated wheels. It helps to protect them from corrosion, prevents brake dust from damaging the finish by virtue of its extremely high temperature resistance, and makes them substantially easier to clean. You can expect up to 12-months durability from our wheel coating process. 

Our wheel coating packages start at ~$400.00 USD. 

Ceramic Glass Coating Package

Enhance your vehicle safety in the rain with a Ceramic Glass Coating. Proven to improve visibility and response times when driving in wet conditions, nano-ceramic glass coatings are a must-have feature for daily drivers.  After extensive testing, we have found CarPro Forte, and CS-II Clear Vue to perform best in Hawaii. They feature outstanding durability, and an impressive enhancement in water clearing at highway speeds. We’ve come to expect up to 12 months of performance from these in real-world driving; a far cry from consumer products.

Before applying the coating, we fully decontaminate the glass, and polish it to remove water spots and etching; massively boosting windscreen clarity, and ensuring perfect bonding of the coating. Afterwards, the coating is applied to the front, side, and rear glass by our certified technicians, and specially cured to ensure maximum longevity.

Our glass correction and coating packages start at ~$250.00 USD.

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