About Us

Car Clean Hawaii is one of the Island’s oldest, and most premier detailing businesses. We have brought our hard work, craftsmanship, pursuit of excellence, sense of community, family, and friendship to our customers for almost 20-years. The business was started by FC Rillon, who was one of the pioneers of advanced automotive detailing – including Nanotechnology Ceramic Coatings – on the Islands, and his leadership and experience has made Car Clean Hawaii one of the world’s premier detailing establishments.

Over the years, Car Clean Hawaii has grown from FC Rillon’s personal excellence, into a team of the best detailers, ceramic coating, and vehicle specialists to be found on the islands.

We offer ‘New Car Prep’, ‘Restoration Detailing’, ‘Vehicle Maintenance Programs’, ‘Nanotechnology Ceramic Coating Packages’, and more. Detailing a car is a full-time job. Owning a special vehicle, and keeping it perfect is something outside the bounds of most people’s busy lifestyles today… It takes a close-knit team, in your community, who is on your side; to not just help make your vehicle into, but keep it truly extraordinary… It takes skill, hard craft, and innovation. It takes loving cars, and detailing, and that is what we share as a company. That is what we bring to you.

The climate of Hilo, and the Hawaiian Islands is utterly unique in the world, and its harshness is one we’ve brought our decades of experiences and scientific knowledge to bear on solving. Vehicles take a unique beating here, from the sun, climate, storms, road conditions, and even wildlife. Our studies into the effects of these harsh environmental factors have led to our finding unique, high-tech solutions to them, and this is part of what makes Car Clean Hawaii truly special amongst detailers in the Islands.

Car Clean Hawaii is made up of your brothers and sisters; your neighbors, and friends. We are part of the excellence of this community, and share it with you gladly. Our employees are our family; our customers our friends.

Thank you for your patronage; it is our pleasure to serve, and share what we do best.


FC Rillon – Owner and Executive Detailer of Car Clean Hawaii