Did You Know We Have A Store?

Surprise! We do!!! Please check out our new: Car Clean Hawaii Storefront .

We’ve started our own line of branded ‘Merch’, starting with our shop favorite, fluffy microfiber towels, available only through us.

First, the ‘Blue Hawaii’ Microfiber:

This is an extra-soft, edgeless, 80/20 blend microfiber towel, coming in at a whopping 580gsm. It’s perfect for quick-detailing, incidental drying, and waterless washing.

Secondly, the ‘Double Shaka’ Microfiber:

The ‘Double Shaka’ is another edgeless towel, but with a slightly more workhorse blend of 70/30, at a still plush 500gsm, making it nicely suited for buffing off polishes or sealants, interior detailing, etc.

These are the towels we use every day in the shop, and couldn’t live without. We’re very happy to be able to pass along our proprietary, quality towels to our customers.

However, this is just the start… Stay tuned for more Merchandise from Car Clean Hawaii!

Big Maholo…

The Team @ Car Clean Hawaii